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Increase your confidence behind the wheel with our Wirral driving school

If you want to learn to drive on the Wirral, Lanes is a Wirral driving school with experienced driving instructors dedicated to improving people’s confidence when they get behind the wheel.

Our Wirral driving school covers all areas of the peninsula, from Bromborough to West Kirby and more in-between. Our Wirral driving lessons are also a favourite with learners from Chester and Liverpool.

Our Wirral driving lessons are also popular because the area has so much to offer throughout all stages of driving. Smaller cul-de-sacs are perfect for learning new manoeuvres and doing them at your own pace, while learners can also enjoy the benefits of getting to grips with a car on quiet country roads.

When you learn to drive on the Wirral with Lanes driving lessons, we’ll take it at your pace to help you build up your confidence. If you’re feeling like your confidence is growing, we will take you to more congested areas on the Wirral to build up your experience and get you used to more practical situations.

You also have access to dual carriageways and more complex routes when you learn to drive on the Wirral, while motorway routes within the peninsula are great for drivers to acclimatise themselves with A and M roads without having to leave the Wirral.

Lanes is also able to provide one week intensive courses and mock tests, and we’re more than happy to pick you up from school or your workplace. Contact Lanes School of Motoring today for more information.