Learning to drive in Wirral

Learning to drive and taking the practical driving exam on the Wirral peninsula is an option not only for local people, but for residents of nearby Chester and Liverpool. Have you considered learning to drive in Wirral and taking your test there rather than in one of the larger cities? There are so many reasons why it’s a good choice.

Liverpool is a city of half a million people; almost a million if you include the suburbs. Liverpool’s heavy traffic, complex roads, and aggressive drivers make taking the practical driving test there a challenge. Learning in Liverpool is difficult, too. It’s hard to concentrate on the mechanics of operating a car when there are so few quiet areas to practice. Traffic never lets up! Rather than becoming comfortable operating a car (a complicated piece of machinery!) many driving students find it hard to relax. Their nervousness has a negative effect on their concentration. Dealing with heavy traffic, busy roundabouts and chaotic, difficult to navigate roads while still new to driving a car can be incredibly difficult.

Chester isn’t as large or densely populated as Liverpool, but it is still an urban area. Perhaps the most difficult thing about learning to drive in Chester is the variety of road conditions within reach of the testing centre. In Chester, you need to prepare to be tested driving in urban conditions, suburban conditions, rural conditions, or all three!

Wirral is a better place to learn to drive

In contrast, the roads in Wirral range from suburban to rural. Compared to the roads in Liverpool and Chester, they are wide, orderly, low traffic, and easy to navigate. In Wirral, you can concentrate on driving the car and learning your manoeuvres rather than having to deal with crowded conditions, crazy drivers, and unexpected complications. It will be so much easier to master the complexities of urban driving once you have become comfortable driving a car on in an area where you can concentrate properly and where you can start out slow.

Why be hard on yourself? You can learn to drive in a safer and more comfortable way in Wirral, where a single false move is less likely to cause a multi-car pileup. When you learn to drive in Wirral, you will learn calm and self assurance as you guide a car through orderly suburbs, scenic countryside, and charming towns and villages. Learning to drive will be still be challenging, but you will feel yourself mastering control of the vehicle on well designed, wide, quiet suburban roads. Then you can guide it through more difficult narrow, twisting, hilly rural roads. Once you’re self assured in all kinds of physical conditions, you’ll be ready to tackle the speed and complexity of the city.

Wirral has higher pass rates!

According to 2011 statistics, the pass rate in Upton, Wirral is almost five percentage points higher than the pass rate in Garston, Liverpool. Take advantage of the more relaxed testing atmosphere and the quieter roads in Wirral to improve your chance of passing the practical driving test on your first (second, third..) try!

If you do want to take the practical driving test in Wirral, you won’t find a better driving school than Lanes School of Motoring. Lane’s employs experienced men and woman as teachers, and you can choose an instructor you’ll be comfortable with to teach you to drive on roads you’ll feel comfortable on.

Wise Liverpool and Chester residents are learning to drive in Wirral, at Lanes School of Motoring, and taking their practical driving exams in Upton.