1. What do I need to start driving lessons?

Your instructor will need to see your UK provisional car licence before starting your first lesson. You will also be required to read a number plate from 20 meters, so if you need glasses to be able to do this you will need them to drive.

2. How long will it take me to pass my test?

Each and every student we see is completely unique and your learning plan will be set around you. Your instructor will let you know as soon as they feel you are skilled enough to be able to sit your practical driving test.

3. Can I take a 1 week intensive course?

Yes. Many students when coming towards their test or if they have left learning to drive for a while find a 1 week intensive course to be the most suitable. A 1 week course typically runs with 2 hours per day (which can be split in to 2 sessions per day) over either 5 or 7 days.

4. What areas do you cover?

Check out our areas covered page, but in general if you are on the Wirral peninsula you will be fine.

5. What will I do on my first lesson?

It’s best to cover what you will not do. You will not sit on the side of the road covering the theory of driving, you will be driving a car. Depending on previous experience your instructor will choose a suitable stretch of road to get you up and running.

6. Do you do mock tests?

Yes, it’s very important for students to understand the pressures and procedures of test day so we simulate this when they begin to show the driving maturity required to enter for their test. We do not however teach on test routes as we are teaching students to drive, not just to pass a test.

7. Can I be picked up from school/place of work?

Yes, as with areas covered, your driving lesson can start and finish at any point you require within Wirral. Please let your instructor know of your required finish point at the start of the lesson so they can plan accordingly.