Technology is no substitute for learning how to drive

Driving lessons and tests are set to change to incorporate new technology and keep pupils up to speed with hardware and software including satnavs and more.

We think it’s a necessary move to teach new drivers about how to properly handle beneficial new software and to stop it distracting them on the road. There are other new technologies being introduced, though, that we’re not so keen on…

Google, Apple and other technology giants are all looking to create driverless cars that rely on artificial intelligence to get people from point A to point B.

It’s raised a lot of questions; the main one being around how safe the technology actually is and what happens if there’s a crash despite the manufacturers saying there’s nothing to worry about.

No matter how safe it might actually be, we more focused on another question; what to do when you’re bored!

Especially if you’re on a long cross-country journey, people will have to find something to fill hours of their time while sat in an upright position. The internet’s fun after all, but there’s nothing quite like exercising your mind by being alert when driving a car.

Driving isn’t a chore and something obsolete that has to be replaced with a chauffeur service. Driving is fun, the path to independence and gives you greater confidence in a crucial skill set.

Technology, for our money, can’t replace human experience when it comes to driving, especially if you learn from a school whose instructors are highly proficient in giving new drivers confidence behind the wheel.

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